Cold Mul-mandu



20 pieces of mul-mandu
5g chives
½ paprika
3-4 anchovy
1 pieces of kelp(10*10cm)
¼ onion and leek
1 spoons of Bibigo soybean sauce 

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  1. step01

    Boil the 600ml water with anchovy, kelp, chive and onion. When boiling over, pick up the kelp and boil them more about 15 minutes. Strain them through a sieve and cool them seasoning with a small spoon of Bibigo Soybean sauce, salt and pepper.


  2. Cold Mul-mandu



    Slice the paprika finely and leek with similar length. Fry them slight with salt and pepper.


  3. Cold Mul-mandu


    Put mul-mandu in a boiling water for about 3 minutes and then cool them into ice water.


  4. Cold Mul-mandu


    Put the mul-mandu and fried vegetables and pour the cold broth.




    Source: CJ Bibigo