Tofu Kimchi



300g tofu
3g sea salt
250g kimchi
3.5g chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon ground garlic
100g pork neck
100g pork belly
30g leek
70g bean sprouts
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
a pinch of sesame seeds, toasted
3 cm sprig of spring onion (white part),

2 tablespoons cooking oil

5g gochujang
3 ml dark soy sauce (jin ganjang)
3g ground garlic
2g ground ginger
a few drops of sesame oil
2g chilli powder
3g sugar
a pinch of pepper

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  1. Tofu Kimchi
  2. step01
  3. Slice the tofu into thin pieces and sprinkle with sea salt.
  4. step02

    Remove the inner stuffing of the kimchi and cut off the stalk. Cut into long pieces and use your hands to tear into smaller pieces. Mix the kimchi, chilli powder, and ground garlic in a bowl.


  5. step03

    In another bowl, mix the sauce ingredients together and lather the pork neck and pork belly with the mixture.


  6. step04

    Halve the leek and remove the inner stem. Cut into long pieces and julienne them.


  7. Tofu Kimchi



    Wipe the moisture from the tofu before frying. In a pre-heated pan with cooking oil, fry the tofu for 2 minutes on each side until golden brown. Use a paper towel to blot the oil.


  8. step06

    In a pre-heated pan with cooking oil, sauté the seasoned pork meat and cook for 20 seconds over medium heat. Add the seasoned kimchi and cook for another 3 minutes.


  9. step07

    Add the bean sprouts and julienned leek and cook for 1 minute and 40 seconds over medium heat. Add the sesame oil and cook for an additional 20 seconds, turning the pan in a circular motion.


  10. step08

    Place the tofu at the front of the plate and top with the cooked pork and kimchi. Garnish with the toasted sesame seeds and chopped spring onion.





    Source: CJ Bibigo